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Compare and get cheap Travel Insurance



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Travelling was never so 'in' as it is today. With the increase in disposable income, more and more people are spending a part of it on travelling now. Whether a vacation, a leisure trip, an adventure trip or a trip specifically for work, one thing we must not forget to add to our itinerary is Travel Insurance.

With a significant rise in the number of people opting for regular travels, one thing that has surely risen is the options available in Travel Insurance plans. These Travel Insurance plans cover an individual or his family against any unforeseen risks during the entire period of their travel.

A Travel Insurance Plan usually covers the following-

  • Any cases of theft or loss of baggage (not the checked in)
  • Any financial loss due to the delay of flights
  • Any damages due to the loss of passport or other crucial documents
  • Any medical emergency during the period of travel

Comparison of Travel Plans

Before you decide to choose a plan for yourself, do not forget to weigh all the other options available in the market and compare Travel Insurance Plans to get cheap travel insurance. Remember to-

  1. Compare Travel Insurance Plans made available by the top insurers.
  2. Look for the lowest premium options in plans.
  3. Buy the policy as per your suitability online without any formalities.

There are a lot of websites that provide a complete comparison and analysis of various Travel insurance plans online.

Types of Travel Insurance

There are a lot of travel insurance plans with different kinds of coverage. One can choose a plan as per their requirements. The plans usually cover all kinds of losses and damages possible during a travel program.

  1. Domestic Travel insurance: Meant for people travelling within the country, it covers lost baggage, flight delays, medical emergencies, death and permanent disability.
  2. International Travel Insurance: Meant for overseas trips and travelling the plan covers hijack, medical costs, baggage loss and delays, loss of passport or other documents.
  3. Corporate Travel Insurance: The employees of a company or an organization get covered for both their domestic as well as international travels.
  4. Student Travel Insurance: A travel insurance policy meant specifically for students travelling to other countries for the basic purpose of higher studies. They travel on student visa. The paper work or formalities in such plans are minimal to avoid any trouble to students. It covers loss of passport, medical expenses or expenses due to any interruptions in the studies.
  5. Senior Citizen Travel Insurance: Meant for travelers between the ages of 61 to 70. It covers dental treatments, cashless hospitalization other than the usual benefits.
  6. Family Travel Insurance: This plan covers not only the person insured but also his entire family. It includes all the general benefits that a travel insurance plan has.
  7. Individual Travel Insurance: Meant for an individual travelling alone, it covers trip cancellations, trip curtailment and home burglary too.
  8. Multi trip Travel Insurance: Meant to cover frequent travelers so they do not have to apply for insurance every time they travel. It provides an extended coverage that often goes up to a year.
  9. Single trip Insurance: Meant to cover a single trip completely, it covers any expenses medical or non medical in nature.

It is very important to weigh and compare Travel Insurance options available, in case you are looking to get a cheap travel insurance plan. Comparing the insurance plans online and buying one to suit your need eliminates all unnecessary formalities and paper work.

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