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Two Stock Picks That Will Succeed No Matter Who Is in Washington


"Get Rich with Dividends" author shares his thoughts.

But that doesn't mean investors should just blindly put their money into an index fund and collect their proceeds in 10 or more years. There are ways of maximizing returns.

Give Yourself a Raise

One of the easiest and most powerful methods is to invest in perpetual dividend raisers. These are stocks that have a track record of raising their dividend every year. This is important for three critical reasons:
  1. It suggests the business is healthy; a company whose business is struggling is not likely to be able to boost its payout to investors every year over the long term.
  2. It shows that management understands its fiduciary responsibility to shareholders.
  3. It helps investors outpace inflation and create real wealth.

In my book Get Rich with Dividends, I introduce investors to my 10-11-12 System. It's a system designed to generate 12% annual returns over a 10 year period. With those kinds of returns you triple your money in 10 years and make nearly 1,000% over twenty years.
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