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Which Stocks Are Showing Relative Strength?


Facebook, Information Services Group, Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, and NetEase are stocks to watch.

When the general market weakens, it's a great time to see what stocks are really strong. Which stocks show relative strength and are unwilling to come back in? Creating a list of those stocks and monitoring them for entry points is a time-tested way of finding the strongest stocks to invest in for whatever time frame you have an interest in. In the case of this article, that was the short-term time frame since that's the only place we have seen weakness for quite a while.

To locate the stocks that show the best relative strength currently, I took the recent period of decline in the general markets (from the closing price on August 14 to the closing price on August 21) and searched for those stocks that showed gains during that period when the market was selling off.

I further refined the list to include only those stocks traded on US exchanges, which had mean-time-to-failure rates for both the short term and intermediate term that were less than 50% and whose qualified trends where either suspect or confirmed bullish.

Finally, I narrowed it one more time to only look at those stocks where both earnings and revenues were double digits. You can find the full list here. It is a comma separation spreadsheet that you can download and utilize.

Stocks With Strength

Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) blew away earnings expectations and continues to be revalued as a result. The chart reveals the need for institutions and funds to just keep on buying this stock for now.


Information Services Group (NASDAQ:III) isn't exactly a household name, but if household names were based on chart behavior, it would be. The company announced earnings on August 6 and it's been a one-way move ever since. The first retrace would be a nice opportunity to step into this name.


Krispy Kreme Doughnuts (NYSE:KKD), on the other hand, for better or for worse, is a household name, given our love for sweets. With the pickup in office meetings treats and a bit more loose change for Saturday morning runs, the result is a stock that just keeps building a nice steady pattern higher.


On the technology front, NetEase (NASDAQ:NTES) has some good inroads in the Chinese market, and the stock is benefitting greatly from it. It doesn't hurt that the company plays in one of the fastest growing spaces: mobile.


When the general markets go up, everything looks good. When they weaken, though, that's when you can start to pick out the real winners. In this case, I'm looking at the short-term time frame and saying what companies refuse to sell off, exhibit great growth and revenues, and have qualified trends that are relatively young and thus should last for a while. It's not a bad place to look for new opportunities.

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Author is long FB.
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