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How to Invest Like a Billionaire


It's all public information.

Yet one famous billionaire hedge fund manager has been buying this stock consistently throughout the year, and at prices much higher than current levels. That investor is the infamous Carl Icahn, a man who has averaged 26% per year for 50 years and has a net worth of $20 billion.

But Mr. Icahn has an average cost in WebMD around $25. That's almost 70% higher than what the stock is trading for now. Still, he owns all his shares. He hasn't sold one. That gives him a 13% stake in the company.

Now, Mr. Icahn is extremely competitive and does not like losing. Most importantly, he is a mega billionaire with unlimited capital. To be sure, he is going to get his money or at least break even on this investment.

So how is he going to do get his money back? Simple. He is going to force the company to sell itself to the highest bidder.

And this is exactly what is happening. In the past two weeks there have been numerous rumors that WebMD has put itself up for sale and that numerous private equity firms have shown an interest in buying it.

Even better, based on industry comparisons and analyst estimates, the company is probably worth on average $25 to $30 a share on any buyout.

That would be a 66% to 100% return when the company is sold for anyone who buys the stock today!
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