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The Most Unique Way to Get a Job on Wall Street


"Don't look for a job," advises one expert. "Create yourself as the best candidate for the job. Then I think you might even have people coming to you."

"A job search traditionally has been a very passive approach. 'Let me see what ads are out there. Let me send my resume and cover letter and hope I'm the guy to fill it.' I think we have to shift to [a] more active job search role. 'What does this company traditionally do? What is the role within that company? What skill sets are required for that role? Okay, let me get work on acquiring exactly that skill set. Let me write a proposal to the company -- how I can improve the business and help them make more money.'"

A little optimism couldn't hurt, either. "If you're depressed, if you're defeated, you're gonna radiate that energy and nobody's gonna hire you," Knight warned. "Even if you have been unemployed for eight months. Even if you have been rejected half a dozen or a dozen times. You walk into each new interview full of confidence, full of optimism, full of positive energy. I think aside from having the right skill set, [optimism] goes a long, long way."

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