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Do You Have a Fragmented Credit Report?


Fragmented credit reports are rare but can happen from time to time.


When credit files split and become fragmented, it's very likely the information on those files will be different. So, for example, your Amex account may appear on one of your fragments files while your Bank of America account may appear on another.

Point being, fragmented files are not carbon copies of each other.

How Can You Avoid This Problem?

The file size issue can be addressed, well, by not having too much credit. Don't get me wrong; I'm not talking about someone with a few credit cards and a bunch of mortgages.

I'm talking about someone who has scores of accounts on his or her credit report. It takes a lot to max out your credit file's size, but I've definitely seen it happen.

The issue of multiple aliases causing duplicate credit files is a little different. If you get married, then divorced, then married again, etc…you could end up with duplicate credit files simply because you've changed your name.

But, when you change your name did you do so with each and every one of your creditors?

I can see that being easily forgotten, and eventually you could confuse the credit bureaus just enough that they end up with more than one credit report with quasi-accurate identification.

Editor's Note: This article by John Ulzheimer was originally published on MintLife.

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