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Three Wall Street Firms Hiring Now


And one firm that will be hiring shortly. Job seekers need to look beyond the big banks and financial institutions.

Conrad Capital Management is hiring as well.

"Our firm is hiring, but we're not hiring salaried positions right now," said Donald E. Conrad, Founder and President of Conrad Capital Management, an independent registered investment advisor. "All the salaried positions are filled. We're hiring marketing people and people with an existing book of business -- registered investment advisors or brokers that are leaving because they're fifth quintile. If you're a broker at a large firm and, believe it or not, if you're doing $250,000 at gross production, and you're there five years, you're failing in their eyes."

Conrad said that someone like that can "come into a firm like ours and be a rockstar."

"We would hire someone like that, double their payout, brand them, and give them more support than they've ever had. If you're doing between $150,000 and $250,000 at a large firm, they're not even breaking even with you on their desk. You're sharing a support person with maybe four or five other brokers, maybe three. You're what they call fifth quintile.

Conrad added that his firm is "only hiring advisors with an existing book of business or people that are interested in marketing on a straight commission basis, right now."

"We're also looking to buy businesses," he said. "If we found a business like ours, a registered investment advisory practice, where somebody was looking for a succession plan -- maybe they were retiring and looking to transition and they want to sell their business, we're looking to buy them."

Meanwhile,, a forex trading firm, anticipates that it will start hiring again in the near future.

"We go through spurts," said Andrei Knight, hedge fund expert, founder, and Senior Currency Strategist at fxKnight. "We just hired on a couple people, and we plan to be hiring in the near future. At the moment all of our positions are filled. But we're getting ready for a pretty big growth phase, so I anticipate hiring in the near future."

Knight suspects that his firm will be interested in traders, Web designers, "and probably customer support reps as we continue to get more and more popular."

"Believe it or not, everybody looks down on customer support reps as an entry-level position," said Knight. "I think it's one of the most important positions within the company. You're the frontline. You're the person a customer is going to talk to first. And as a boss, my customers are what I value most. So my best people are going to go into those roles. It's got to be someone I really trust."

Knight clarified his definition of customer support. "Customer relationship management, I should say," he said. "That's really what the job is. You don't fire off an e-mail and forget about them. I expect my people to really befriend and manage those relationships."

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