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Comparing Sector ETFs and ETNs


Exchange traded funds (ETFs) are a perfect tool for asset allocation. But be careful -- ETNs are lumped in the same category, but can be very different in terms of holdings, fees, and liquidity.

Health Care Funds

The contenders are SPDR Health Care (NYSEARCA:XLV), iShares Dow Jones US Healthcare (NYSEARCA: IYH), Vanguard Health Care (NYSEARCA:VHT), and PowerShares Dynamic Healthcare (NYSEARCA: PTH):

Winner: Vanguard. It ties iShares for the best performance, but offers more liquidity and has a much lower expense ratio. The SPDR is the worst performing, but it is the cheapest and the most liquid. Since I'm a diversification junkie, I'm going with Vanguard because it owns the largest number of stocks in its portfolio.

This article by Jim Fink was originally published on Investing Daily.

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