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Not So Far East: Investing Opportunities in Southeast Asia ETFs


The sub-region is on track for sustained growth, so what are the best levels for entry?


The Malaysia Index Fund (NYSEARCA:EWM) appears to have formed a double top region around the $15 price level. While there is a decent amount of volume that has built up between $13.81-$14.91, the $12.71-$11.02 area appears to be a less risky entry point.

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Thailand Index Fund (NYSEARCA:THD) and the Philippines Index Fund (NYSEARCA:EPHE) are both relatively new issues (something to take into consideration). One can see that both charts are at or near all-time highs, which usually doesn't offer the best risk reward. As the old adage goes, nothing goes up (or down) in a straight line. Thus, it's probably prudent to wait for pullbacks before entering new positions.

Thailand Index Fund

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Philippines Index Fund

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Author has positions in EWH, EPHE, EWS, EWT, EWM, THD, and IF.
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