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11 Signs This Rally Isn't Over


Lingering skepticism could have bullish implications this earnings season.

9. There's been a record 17 straight months of domestic equity mutual fund outflows, according to the Investment Company Institute ("ICI"). Now, a good majority of this money has moved into equity exchange-traded funds (ETFs), but it still shows a huge distrust with mutual funds and Wall Street, as investors would rather do it themselves.

10. If you are a bull, odds are you've been crushed for a variety of reasons. From "this rally is simply Fed-manipulated," to "its overvalued," to "QE is the only reason prices are higher," there are numerous reasons the crowd thinks things will come crashing down. I've been absolutely hammered on Twitter for being a bull. My take is: To be hated for being bullish in a huge bull market is very powerful.

For good measure, here's a Bonus No. 11: A Bloomberg survey that looks at the average recommendation for stocks from US chief strategists on Wall Street is near a 15-year low. A good deal of investors have missed this rally, and this survey suggests some of the "smart money" on Wall Street might have missed it as well.

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This article by Ryan Detrick was originally published on Schaeffer's Investment Research.

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