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15 Investment Lessons Learned Playing Fantasy Football


Many investing tips can be learned week to week on the fantasy gridiron.

Sweltering heat giving way to cool crisp nights means that the kids are heading back to school. But to many, it also signals the start of the NFL season. For countless football fans, that means being in a fantasy football league. If you have kids with the slightest interest in football, or if you are a novice investor and want to learn more, have them participate in a fantasy league (perhaps with you).

You may be surprised what a super-charged learning experience it'll be, and how many investing lessons can be learned week to week on the fantasy gridiron.

Here are 15 traits and lessons that will help you score big each week in fantasy football league, as well as your investment portfolio:

1. Research – You need to learn how to research who to choose for your team. Homework must be done on players, their positions, if they are injured, how they're fitting in with a new team, etc.

2. Quick Decision-Making – If you participate in a live electronic draft, quick decisions are in order. You don't get all day to dilly-daddle. You have to pull the trigger quickly. It may not be often, but it's a needed investing trait, usually at crucial times.

3. Sentimental Picks – Even though I'm not a fan, I felt compelled to pick Peyton Manning this year because of what he's been through (but I didn't). Maybe lessons will be learned about why it's not the wisest idea to let emotions get in the way of making decisions.

4. Spotting Value – Intuitively, certain players will become less attractive at times. A superstar running back who missed the last 10 games of the previous season will be shunned. Taking a risk on somebody others have long forgotten and being there for an explosive comeback may pay enormous dividends down the road. Starbucks (SBUX) trading under $10 in 2009 comes to mind.

5. Riding Winners – There will be players during the season that seemingly can do no wrong. They will be the ones receiving player of the month accolades. They are your momentum stocks, and you ride them until they break (like Netflix (NFLX) in July 2011).

6. Selling Losers – Not admitting mistakes is a huge impediment to successful investing. Admit when you have a lose and sell the stock. How quickly do you admit that the "sure-deal" kicker is costing you wins? (This time, think about Netflix in July 2012).

7. Teamwork – Ask for help if you don't know who to pick. As in investing, the final decision is yours, but you may need to invoke many opinions and thoughts to get to your final conclusion.
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