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How to Intelligently Bet MLB


Betting baseball is nothing like betting football, hockey, or basketball.

It can be one of the hardest and most rewarding sports to lay action on, and with the basketball and hockey seasons winding down and football a ways away, sports bettors will have baseball, and only baseball to bet on for the next few months. When betting baseball, it is important to find a sportsbook that offers both 5-inning lines, as well as plenty of reduced juice. This way, Major League Baseball (or MLB) bettors can stay away from the sucker bets like the run line, total and R+H+E bets.

Betting baseball is nothing like betting football, hockey, or basketball. There are rarely extended hot streaks, and a pitcher can throw a shutout one game, and then five days later give up six runs in four innings. This makes betting hard, unless you know what bets to take.

Personally, I don't touch totals or run lines. There is way too much unknown and variables that can turn your lock into a square bet really fast. If you have to bet the run line, bet the underdog. The moneyline is my main weapon in baseball. Even though you may not find the best odds on MLB everyday, that's the beauty of baseball; there are tons of games. Finding value on a favorite that should be more of a favorite, or an underdog that could win are both big weapons.

As I mentioned earlier, 5-inning lines help a lot too. It's kind of like betting halfs in other sports, but almost easier. There are plenty of teams that have great starting pitching and no bullpens. Find those pitchers and teams, and lay into the 5-inning lines.

Lastly, though I don't do it often, another personal weapon is the Grand Salami, or the total runs for every game on that day. I know I said not to bet totals, but some quick math and a check of the weather can give you a hint as to whether it's going to be a high scoring day or not. Though I don't do it often, it's worth taking a look at every once in a while.

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