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Minyanville Underground Railroad: Paving the Way for a Better Tomorrow.


Strength and fortitude of our community is a testament to you all.


Dear MURs,

We're excited about the incredible feedback from The Railroad as it's proof positive that our human capital has never been stronger. The past few weeks have tested our mettle and the strength and fortitude of our community is a testament to you all.

It's an exciting time-scary, yet exciting-as the leadership coming out of a crisis is never the same as those going in. That applies to media, finance, education and virtually every other industrial sector. We continue to believe Minyanville is in a unique position due largely to the strength of thy faithful.

Our vision is to affect positive change through financial understanding from the ABC's to the 401(K)'s and establish Minyanville as the theme brand of finance, much like ESPN is for sports and Discovery is for science. This has never before been done-nobody has ever branded the Wall Street bull and bear.

To this, I ask: If not us, who? If not now, when?

The financial literacy construct is comprised of four primary tenets: Earning, Spending, Saving and Giving. The older you get, the more complex it gets yet the dynamic remains much the same. Our goal is to engage the future leaders of tomorrow at an early age and better prepare them for the journey of life.
Our President, Kevin Wassong has two children and he doesn't miss an opportunity to reinforce the importance of understanding the "value" of a dollar. We are reaching out to the MUR with the same question-do you have kids and can you help us spread word of our mission?

MinyanLand is an incredible resource for children, a massive multiplayer online game geared to cement the four core tenets. It is still in beta and will continue to evolve and get better with feedback from our community. We are looking for a dedicated group of "Mini-MURs" to help fine-tune and grow the experience.

There are three things we're looking for:

1. We need little "professors". Give your child permission and we'll give her/him an official MinyanLand job, complete with extra MinyanMoney benefits. These include newspaper writers, video classroom news correspondent, MinyanGuides and more.

2. Recruit your class. Any child whose teacher gets in touch with us and feeds the critter experience into their classroom will get a MinyanLand Secret Bonanza!

3. A Critteresque PTA! We've found that Minyans are smarter than the average bear (no offense Boo) and their ability to talk to kids about money is the logical next step.

Will you speak on behalf of MinyanLand or conduct training sessions for parents/teachers about teaching kids about money?

Would you be willing to get the word out to your local school boards, houses of worship and civic organizations about Minyanville and MinyanLand?

Can you share stories about communities pulling together that would be of interest to the Minyanville community and to kids at large?

A dream is only as powerful as those that believe in it and now more than ever, we must take control of the present to pave a better path for future generations.

Let's leave our kids with a better world than the one we've got, a place where they control their economic destiny with knowledge rather than fear.

Your thoughts are, as always, welcome as we continue to fight the good fight.

With purpose and passion,


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