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Minyanville's Official Chocolate Chip Cookie With Pecans

DESCRIPTION: These chocolate chip cookies are made from scratch with pure semi-sweet chocolate and extra-large chunks of scrumptious grade A pecans that are MUCH BIGGER than you'll find in other cookies. Brent & Sam's special high-molasses brown sugar not only keeps all the cookie molecules from spinning back out into heaven where they came from, it also helps gives these delectable treats their rich, crispy C-R-U-N-C-H that can be heard all around Minyanville. Certainly one of the sweetest deals in town!

Minimum purchase is 2 items
SKU:300100 Weight: 7 oz Bag  $6.95 per bag

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Minyanville’s Official Extra Chocolate Chip Cookie No Nuts

DESCRIPTION: The most important part of a chocolate chip cookie is the chocolate chip. So for this taste sensation we've watched Brent & Sam's just pack 'em in. Every cookie has chunky chips, not those little specks you find in most other store bought cookie s. The critters in Minyanville know a true chocolate chip cookie when they see one, and they see one right here. So chocoholics unite...then dig in!

Minimum purchase is 4 items
SKU:300101 Weight: 7 oz Bag  $6.95 per bag

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