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iPhones Make You Sick? Apple's Here to Help!


Apple's recent update to iOS 7 aims to curb the motion sickness users felt from the new animations.

It used to be that only the most stridently loyal Android (NASDAQ:GOOG) users would get physically ill when using an iPhone (NASDAQ:AAPL). But upon Apple's introduction of iOS 7 to the legion of iPhone owners, many found themselves to become dizzy to the point of nausea.

No, it wasn't the Easter-colored icons and pastel gradients. (Though it might've been for some graphic designers.) Apparently, the new zoom animations in the overhauled UI caused quite a few people to experience motion sickness -- not exactly an ideal reaction from a flagship phone.

Apple responded to the issue with the 7.0.3 upgrade to the platform, giving users the option to eliminate all the queasy transitions, zooms, slides, and parallax effects in one fell swoop. However, some folks weren't fond of losing all of the snazzy effects if only one caused them to get a little green.

Well, with the recent update to iOS 7.1, users can now control all the zooms, sweeps, and tilts individually in the Accessibility settings. The newly revamped Reduce Motion option -- according to The Guardian's Craig Grannell -- can tweak the app-switcher to a crossfade effect, completely remove the Weather app's perspective-skewing parallax effect, and unify the items in Message to move as one rather than as a slippery, vertigo-inducing array.

Along with the reductions in dizziness in 7.1, Apple introduced a new slide-to-power-off button that slowly dims the screen in synchronization with the slide. Updated contrast adjustments allow users to reduce transparency, darken colors, or reduce white point. Functions such as calendar navigation and inputting contacts are improved, as well as passcode setting accessibility.

So for fans of improved usability and of not throwing up, iOS 7.1 looks to be a much-welcomed update.

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