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iPhone Email Becomes a Dream With This App


Seer, an iOS email manager, pulls the most important snippet from lengthy correspondences for quick, glanceable synopses.

According to Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) co-founder Dustin Moskovitz, it's a wonder it still exists. On a broad technological timeline, it's almost as antiquated as picking up a phone and speaking to another person -- especially given our always-connected chat clients for our iPhone (NASDAQ:AAPL) and Android (NASDAQ:GOOG) devices.
But like being forced to use a fax machine every few months, email has proven to have enough use to stick around. Unfortunately, despite its ubiquity for decades, many folks are still ignorant in the ways of common email courtesy and etiquette. Chief of which includes writing a multi-paragraph diatribe when one or two sentences would suffice.
Enter Seer, a glorious godsend of an app that sifts through the mundane and asinine drivel from an email sender and grabs the most important information in a bite-sized, glanceable format.
Available now for free in the App Store -- an Android version is said to be forthcoming -- Seer works with your Gmail account and displays sample cards similar to Google Now containing the most crucial snippet from a message as well as actions to reply, ignore, or set a reminder to deal with it later. The official site claims the app is "secure, free, and a big first step towards an intelligent personal assistant."
The best part: Seer is behavior-based and will tailor its recommendations according to your usage patterns. A sender whom you regularly correspond with will be prominently highlighted within the app, whereas someone to whom you rarely reply can be "muted" from the app.
Right now, Seer only works with Gmail, but the development team hopes to soon work with Exchange (NASDAQ:MSFT), AOL (NYSE:AOL), Yahoo (NASDAQ:YHOO), and others in the future.
For anyone who could use a lighter email load -- and can't we all? -- check out this promotional video from the Seer team and envision what an email utopia would be like if every sender just got to the point.
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