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Bing's Latest Assault on the Search Market


The search engine has now overtaken Yahoo in the US.

Bing recently announced it was launching a new simplified look for its search pages, which many say appear reminiscent of past versions of Google's (GOOG) search pages. The reason for implementing the new layout is supposed to improve Bing's overall usability by eliminating excess clutter, which has tendencies to slow the site down. The new design is intended to have a simple, fresh, and clean look that Bing suggests will also provide better search results.

"We've tuned the site to make the entire page easier to scan, removing unnecessary distractions, and making the overall experience more predictable and useful," stated Bing Principal Group Program Manager Sally Salas.

Along with the faster page loads, Bing decided to reduce the header size and remove the left-sidebar related search section, allowing users to access the information and links they are searching for with greater ease.

The new layout also includes more space between lines intended to build readability as well as optimize the page for tablets and other touch devices. The company intends to continue implementing improvements and updates to its search pages as they see fit.

"We're not finished," Salas wrote. "Today, we're also testing out some new ideas for the homepage, including a larger version of the popular daily image. If you happen upon the homepage changes, please let us know what you think."

Bing's latest launch can be seen as a direct assault on the search market leader Google, which has been criticized for its recent changes, straying away from their once simple design in order to promote its increasing number of products.

Over the past six months Microsoft (MSFT) has been gaining ground in the Google dominant search market and recently surpassed Yahoo (YHOO) as the second most popular Web search provider in the US.

Despite this recent increase, the Microsoft division of which Bing is a part of continues to lose money, fueling speculation that Microsoft could be entertaining offers to buy the search engine. Not surprisingly, Facebook has been mentioned as a natural suitor since Bing is already integrated into the social network and both companies share a close relationship as Microsoft continues to own a chunk of the company.

This article was written by Dennis Jaconi. See the original version here.

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