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Tech News: Oops, Apple Search Engine Reveals Secret Product Names


Also, Zuckerberg apologizes and Intel looks to the future.

This column highlights the most interesting and useful business and financial commentary on technology every day.

Link: Apple Search Engine Reveals Product News Before Today's Event
"Apple's (AAPL) search engine is mistakenly revealing the details of today's Apple news announcements in advance of today's press event where it's been expected Apple will announce new iPhones. As spotted first by the folks at 9to5, a search for 'iPhone-5' on Apple's website indicates that is, indeed, what's happening today. And yep, looks like they're calling it the iPhone 5, not 'the new iPhone.' We've also found a link that indicates a new version of iTunes is being announced as well, again confirming rumors.

"To be clear, none of the links are live right now. They are instead appearing as placeholders for the press releases which will be pushed after the products are officially announced on stage. In other words, there aren't any juicy details yet about what features, specifically, these products will include."

Link: Voice & Gesture Control: Beyond Touch With Windows 8
"If Intel (INTC) has its way, touch will be just one of the ways to control Windows (MSFT) 8 ultrabooks. The chipmaker is looking to add voice commands and Kinect-like gestures for what it calls 'perceptual computing.'

"On Tuesday, Intel announced a partnership with Nuance Communications to put a locally hosted voice recognition app on certain Windows 8 PCs, including devices from Dell (DELL). Intel has also partnered with Creative Technology (CREAF) -- formerly known as Creative Labs, one of the early designers of PC sound cards - to design a Kinect-like camera that could eventually be integrated into the notebooks just as webcams are now a standard feature for portable computers.

"To kick things off, Intel also announced a software development kit to enable software developers to start creating applications that can take advantage of the new interfaces. Features include 2D/3D object tracking to enable augmented reality applications and even a sort of facial recognition to identify and personalize applications to specific users."

Link: Amazon Tests Tricky Spot Market for Cloud
"Amazon (AMZN) is sticking its toe into tricky new waters: It's building a spot market for cloud computing resources with a new plan to let users buy and sell their Amazon cloud resources. This is tricky because previous attempts to navigate these waters haven't done much. Enomoly tried a variation of this plan and Verizon (VZ) has a patent for it, but there's not been much traction.

"But then again, Amazon knows a bit about cloud computing and a lot about online marketplaces, so things may go better. For companies that may have over stocked Amazon EC2 reserved instances, there's now a way out: you can sell off your excess capacity on a new Amazon marketplace."
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