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What Google Has in Store for Android 4.4


As we near the official announcement, leaks and screenshots reveal what we can expect in Android 4.4.

Open NFC and Better Bluetooth

As Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) waits to forge headlong into Bluetooth low energy (see: The Biggest iPhone 5S Feature Nobody's Talking About), Google appears to be sticking with near-field communication (NFC) as a possible entry into the future of commerce. But Google Wallet, which used to rely on NFC to work, continues to languish due to a lack of support among retailers, not to mention carriers like Verizon (NYSE:VZ), AT&T (NYSE:T), and T-Mobile (NYSE:TMUS) outright banning it from their phones in favor of an even less-supported NFC payment system called ISIS.

But once again, Android 4.4 is suspected to eschew the heavy hand of carriers. The newer, more open NFC will be able to operate without a secure element like a Google Wallet app. Rather, developers will be able to emulate credit card functionality without needing the secure element to store data. It's still a bit unclear where the information will be stored, but anything that takes power away from carriers is welcome to end users.

Also, Bluetooth support will see an upgrade in Bluetooth HID over GATT and Bluetooth Message Access Profile. This will allow for compatibility and better connectivity with a greater number of devices like joysticks, in-car entertainment systems, and possibly some as-yet-unseen wearable technology.

More Sensors and Native IR Blaster Support

It's pretty incredible that our phones can already act as pedometers and tell which direction is north. But Android 4.4 is tossing in even more sensors to detect how your device moves and is being held. Three new sensor types -- geomagnetic rotation vector, step detector, and step counter sensors -- will have native support in the updated OS. This likely points to the release of more smartwatches that monitor your stride and direction during your morning jogs.

On the other side of the metabolism coin, couch potatoes aren't left out in the new release. Native IR blaster support is coming, giving developers the ability to build more apps that use a phone's IR blaster to control TVs and entertainment systems. This will make phones with built-in IR blasters like Samsung Galaxy S4 and the HTC One the ultimate universal remote controls.

...And the Rest

Although Android 4.4 isn't a full version upgrade, it isn't without its share of changes and enhancements. Transparent navigation bar, white system icons, and altered icons are among some of the different aesthetic changes 4.4 will bring. Plus, better integration with Hangouts and Google Voice will soon mean VoIP will finally be possible (take that, carriers!), and location settings are getting overhauled to be faster and use less battery power.

And then there's the Nexus 5, Google's highly anticipated device in the Nexus line with LTE support over multiple carriers. Specs have already been leaked and the new device is said to rival flagship phones like the iPhone 5S and Samsung Galaxy S4. As excited as fans are for KitKat, the buzz has never been more frenzied for a Nexus release.
All that's left is to count the hours until Google officially announces its latest OS and phone.

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