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Strange Business: Three-Fifths of Adults 'Vacation' From Facebook, Spend Time in Real World


Pew Research finds many adults have no time for the social media website.

Vacationing From the Virtual World
Source: AskMen

Have you ever taken a "Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) vacation"? According to a new study by Pew Research Center's Internet & American Life Project, 61% of users interviewed voluntarily take a break from the social site for a period of several weeks or more. Of the 1,006 adults interviewed in the US, 21% reported being too busy and lacking time for the website. Another 10% found the content disinteresting while 9% grew tired of the constant drama among friends and peers created on the site. Some brave souls, 8% of interviewees, decided to extricate themselves from the site cold turkey because of too much time wasted on Facebook.

The study also revealed slowing growth for the site in the US. Two-thirds of adults in the country have an account, but only 8% of the people who have never used the site expressed interest in potentially creating an account in the future.

The Iron Goes Directly to Jail, Does Not Pass Go...

Monopoly has removed the iron token piece, and it won't be missed. The dull piece only received 8% of the votes, or the fewest votes, during the Hasbro (NASDAQ:HAS) board game's "Save Your Token" campaign. The Scottie dog took first place with 29% of the votes from 185 countries, but it will soon be joined by a new cat token. In a separate competition on Monopoly's Facebook page, the cat beat out a toy robot, guitar, helicopter, and diamond ring for most votes to replace the iron.

How Are Greeks Still Picky About Employment?

Despite the economic crisis in Greece, many citizens still refuse certain forms of employment out of pride, viewing jobs like scrap hunting as an occupation fit only for poor African and Asian immigrants. A 56-year-old Greek named Dimitris, though, has ignored the social stigma of working as a scrap dealer and has been rewarded relatively well for risking social opprobrium. For a day's work of collecting unwanted items in wealthier neighborhoods, Dimitris can earn anywhere between 10 euros to 200 euros, or $13.53 to $270. After doing it for a while, many of his neighbors have grown accustomed to seeing him drive by in a three wheeler and don't think so poorly of him now.

The Art of Scent

New York's Museum of Arts and Design is hosting the first major "olfactory art" exhibit called "The Art of Scent," which allows visitors to smell different perfumes created between 1889 through 2012. The museum believes that scents should take a place alongside sights and sounds in art. However, the journalist who visited the exhibit complained that the room felt like more a showroom for major perfume producers. He says the museum directors make the case for "commercial perfume as high art" but fail to reveal "the artistry of perfume design." A commercial interest underlies the exhibit as companies like Estée Lauder (NYSE:EL), L'Oréal (EPA:OR), and Proctor & Gamble Prestige (NYSE:PG) provided the largest donations to the exhibit.

Drunk Man Drives Through Wal-Mart Looking for More "Fuel"

Police in Brooksville, Florida, found a man driving around drunk inside a Wal-Mart (NYSE:WMT). Fortunately, Timothy Carr recklessly cruised around the store in a motorized shopping cart rather than a car. Even though Carr had no money, he helped himself to a bottle of alcohol. Police arrested him for disorderly intoxication and felony retail theft.

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