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Tech News: Rumors About a Budget iPhone, and Facebook Gets Snippy About Vine


Also, the Kindle is beating up on the Nexus.

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Link: Apple's Rumored Budget iPhone Could Be a Plastic Hybrid of the iPhone 5, Touch, and Classic
"The latest rumors, ridiculous or not, point to two new Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) iPhone models this year - one would be the expected iPhone 5S and the other would be a lower-cost plastic model aimed at developing markets.

"None of this is confirmed, but iLounge claims to have information on what the alleged lower-cost plastic model might look like. According to the report, the new model will be a combination between the iPhone 5′s front, the iPod touch 5th gen bottom, and an overall shape similar to that of the iPod classic."

Link: Facebook Gets Passive-Aggressive About Blocking Vine
"Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) bigwig Justin Osofsky presented Facebook's take on the 'blocking Vine from accessing Facebook friends' situation without directly referencing Vine. Or even making much sense. His explanation, posted in a blog post Friday, pointed to violations in Facebook's Platform Policy.

"Oddly, the policies he referred to in the blog post don't seem to address why Vine's access to your Facebook friends has been blocked. Instead it seems that Vine has become another victim in the proxy war between Facebook and Twitter."

The Next Web
Link: Report: Amazon Dominates Android Tablets
"Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) entered the tablet market with its Nexus 7 range last year but it is Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN), the US retailer that has a somewhat strained relationship with the search giant, that is dominating the Android tablet market worldwide with its Kindle Fire range, a new report claims.

"Research from mobile app analytics service Localytics which goes live tomorrow shows that the Kindle Fire is by far and away the most owned Android tablet on the planet. The company estimates that the number of Amazon Fire devices in the US alone represents 33% of all Android tablets worldwide - while the US itself is the world's biggest tablet market with a 59% market share."

Link: Microsoft Office 2013 Launches Tomorrow: What You Need To Know
"Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) appears to be on the verge of launching the latest version of Office, according to a tweet the official Office Twitter account posted over the weekend. The tweet includes a picture of what Microsoft is setting up in New York City's Bryant Park for launch day, specifying Jan. 29 as the day of the event.

"The new version of Office, Office 2013, represents a rethink of the productivity software. Microsoft re-designed Office for Windows 8, changing aspects of the design, features and back end to better suit a world of touchscreens, cloud connectivity and social networks."

Ars Technica
Link: DRM-Free Music, Next-Day Downloads for TV on Tap for BlackBerry World
"We've already reported that RIM (NASDAQ:RIMM) will be partnering with 7digital for its content offerings, but the company has released more details about exactly what it will offer when the new BlackBerry 10 operating system goes live.

"BlackBerry World, previously BlackBerry App World, will include an 'extensive catalog of songs.' Movies will be made available in the digital storefront the same day they are available elsewhere. And like iTunes and Amazon Video, individual episodes of TV series will also become available the day after they air on TV."
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