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Tech News: Apple in Doghouse, Good News for Facebook Ads, and Is This the Samsung Galaxy 8 in Action?


Plus, Google's mysterious wireless network and federal charges for a virus maker.

This column brings you the most interesting and useful business and financial commentary on the world of technology every day.

Link: Apple Still in the Doghouse With Wall Street

"It appears that Wall Street is still suffering from an Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) hangover.

"Apple yesterday posted its fiscal first-quarter results and got hammered for it. Now it's the morning after, and investors are continuing to run for the hills. Shares are down nearly 10% to $463.65 in pre-market trading today.

"The results themselves weren't bad. In fact, they were quite good: record sales of iPhones and iPads, nearly $55 billion in revenue and $13.4 billion in profit.

"But investors aren't looking at how Apple did, and instead are more interested in how it will do. It's here where the legitimate concerns of slowing growth begin to pop up. In particular, a new policy on a supposedly more accurate estimate range for revenue suggests that Apple won't be blowing away its projected numbers in the coming quarters."

The Huffington Post
Link: 'Gozi' Virus Creators Charged By FBI With Stealing Millions From Online Bank Customers
"Federal authorities announced Wednesday they had disrupted a massive cybercrime ring, charging three alleged hackers with using 'one of the most financially destructive computer viruses in history' to steal millions of dollars from banks around the world.

"Authorities said the three alleged hackers -- Nikita Kuzmin, Mihai Paunescu and Deniss Calovskis – played roles in a 'far-reaching and devastating' scheme that used a computer virus to infect at least one million computers, including 40,000 in the United States. Among the victims were businesses and government entities, including NASA, authorities said."

Link: Google Brews Mystery Experimental Wireless Network
"Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) has filed an application to build an 'experimental' wireless network on its campus, but is keeping details under wraps, fearing it could reveal trade secrets that might disrupt vendor relations in the consumer electronics market.

"The application and proposal it submitted to the FCC last week offer few details about the network, save that Google wants to place 50 base stations on its Mountain View, California campus to support 200 user devices over a two-year period.

"Rooftop base stations placed around the campus will have a radius of 500 metres to 1km while indoor base stations will have a range of 100 to 200 metres, the filings said.

"Steven Crowley, the consulting wireless engineer who first noticed the application, notes that the spectrum Google has requested were bands allocated to Clearwire - the US mobile network operator that Google owned a small stake in until February last year."

Link: Facebook Ad Partner AdRoll Boasts 700 Clients on FB Exchange, Says Revenue Tripled

"AdRoll, a firm that serves ads based on websites you've visited in the past, says it's poised to pull in more than $50 million revenue for 2012 and that ads it places on Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) perform two to three times better than regular ads on the social network. The numbers, if accurate, may provide more grist to the chatter over what Facebook's ad income will look like when earnings are announced on January 30.

"AdRoll has been flagged as the fastest growing ad company in America and is also one of eight companies that Facebook tapped this summer to sell ads on the site based on users' web surfing habits - before then, Facebook sold ads based only on user demographics and on social activities such as 'Likes.'"

Link: Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Reportedly Caught on Camera, Inherits Design Language of Galaxy Note II

"Samsung's (PINK:SSNLF) Galaxy Note 8 is rumored for an official unveiling at Mobile World Congress next week in Barcelona, but this week it's been the subject of a lot of rumors and speculation ahead of release. Today, there's a new leak from Italy's that purports to show the Galaxy Note 8 in action in the hands of an actual user. The pics are a lot more convincing than the SamMobile leak of a brochure shot of the same from earlier in the week, with a design that's reminiscent of Samsung's most recent smartphones.

"The Galaxy Note 8 that's apparently depicted in these photos looks essentially like a blown up Galaxy Note II, with a rounded rectangle shell framing an 8-inch display. Down at the bottom of the bezel you see a physical home button, framed on either side by a back button and what looks like a multitasking button as touch-sensitive keys."
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