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23rd April in Precious Metals of MV History



These articles were published on on 23rd April in History. Checkout how time flies, enjoy reading!

Back-to-Back Intraday Sell-Offs May Have Earned Crude Oil a Rally Leg

on Apr 23, 2013 5:08 pm by Rod David

The following are the latest daily summaries of my ongoing intraday coverage, providing context to interpret price action. Any prices listed are for a contract's current "front month." Their direction tends to correlate with any ETFs listed for each. Today's Highlight: Crude oil's two consecutive deep intraday/overnight drops probably have earned at least an obligatory... Read More

Gold and Silver Stocks Begin Oversold Bounce

on Apr 23, 2014 3:24 pm by Jordan Roy-Byrne

The bottoming process for gold and silver shares has been arduous as they've oscillated back and forth for almost a year. My firm noted a month ago that the failed breakout in March was strong evidence that an interim top was in place. Heading into this week it looked like the miners would fall further before finding support. However, over the past two days the sector clearly reversed its short-te... Read More
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