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Does Twitter Really Think It Can Control Its Users?


Since the NBC/Twitter hook-up for the Olympics, the social network seems to think it can force users to do its bidding. Recently it cut off Tumblr and Instagram. Whether this is hubris or monetization, many are not amused.


The problem, as Curtis notes, is that "Twitter was built on the backs of the very developers it is now blocking." It seems they want those developers to continue supporting twitter by syndicating onto its platform, but doesn't want to provide anything of value to developers in return.

Who will Twitter cut next? Observers point to Flipboard, Prismatic, Zite, Tweetbot, Echofon, Twitterific, Prismatic, Rebelmouse,, Klout, and any other social or third party app that it considers a competitor, especially competitors that provide what is analogous to any media experience.

Whether this is hubris or monetization, many are not amused.

A year ago, Twitter reportedly raised funding at an $8 billion valuation, which implies it made projections for things like earnings growth and business model, etc. Since then its moves clearly point to an attempt to monetize itself and build a wall around its "interest graph."

Who me, monetize? Twitter CEO Dick Costolo says he's in no hurry to go public. "We are going to remain private as long as we want," he told the Los Angeles Times.

Recent moves suggest otherwise.
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