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Best of the Blogs, Media: Making YouTube Even Bigger and More Profitable


Plus, it's too hard to watch "Hard Knocks," and Netflix makes its move in Scandinavia.

This column highlights the most interesting and useful business and financial commentary on media from around the Web.

Wired Gadget Lab
Link: 505,347,842 YouTube Channels and Everything is On
"The people who spend the most time on the site, YouTube (GOOG) knew, were following niche content and specific producers. What's more, YouTube's breakout stars, the newer ones at least, are less likely to be one-hit wonders. Sure, there will always be room for double trainbows. But series like The Onion make people come back again and again. So what if YouTube could make that content even better, and find something for everyone? In short, YouTube is looking to capitalize on classic long-tail economics."

Mashable Business
Link: Apple Stores: The Most Profitable Retail in America
"OnlineMBA created this graphic, which takes you behind the scenes of Apple's (AAPL) in-store retail operations. One stat that particularly caught our eye: Getting a job at a Manhattan Apple Store in 2009 was harder than scoring a spot at Harvard, with a hire rate of just 2%. It's no wonder they seek out the cream of the crop. In 2011, Apple store employees' average sales per square foot were more than twice the sum of three of the retailer's competitors."

Link: Netflix Chasing Down Amazon's Lovefilm to Scandinavia
"Lovefilm already operates streaming-only movie subscription in three of those countries (Sweden, Denmark, and Norway). Now the only one of Lovefilm's markets uncontested by Netflix (NFLX) is Germany.

"Netflix signed more than a million subscribers in its first six months in the UK and Ireland, where it does not offer DVD rental. That likely overtakes Lovefilm's own streaming-only service Lovefilm Instant, which it introduced to compete with Netflix in January."

New York Times Bits
Link: Pinterest Rolls Out Android and iPad Apps
"Evan Sharp, a founder of the company, said at a cocktail party at Pinterest's San Francisco office that the Android app was customized for the platform from the ground up, and that the iPad app was designed to take advantage of the large screen to make it easy to pin things. The company also released an update for its iPhone app with some improvements to its design."

All Things D
Link: Why You Can't Watch the Best Show on HBO on HBO Go
"Unlike nearly every original show HBO airs, 'Hard Knocks' isn't actually an HBO show.

"It's a co-production with NFL Films, and NFL Films owns the show's digital rights, including mobile rights. And HBO Go, for the purposes of rights deals, is considered a mobile service.

"So that's annoying. On the positive side, 'Hard Knocks' appears to be the only glaring hole in the HBO Go lineup. So its absence makes you appreciate just how comprehensive the HBO digital catalog is. Digital media in general has been plagued by rights gaps, but they're getting smaller all the time."
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