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Best of the Blogs, Energy: The State of the Economy and Falling Stocks Causes Problems for Peugeot and Volkswagen


Plus, Bloomberg participates in Greater and Greener International Urban Parks Conference.

This column highlights the most interesting and useful business and financial commentary on energy from around the Web every Tuesday.
Wall Street Journal: Driver's Seat
Link: Falling Share Price Adds to Peugeot's Problems
"Investors abandoned Peugeot SA (PEUGF) in droves Friday, driving its share price to its lowest level in over a quarter century, as a potential credit downgrade and a worsening outlook for the European car market overshadowed the company's plans to shed 8% of its French workforce.

"The economic situation, particularly in Western Europe, remains tense and difficult", Volkswagen (VOW.DE) sales chief Christian Klingler said.

"Peugeot shares fell 7.7% on Friday, closing at €6.48, their lowest level since the mid-1980s, according to data from FactSet. Peugeot's shares have lost 79% of their value in the last year."

New York Times: Green
Link: Helping Parks Sustain Themselves
"Some major sustainability themes have emerged as over 850 landscape architects, government officials, city planners and park enthusiasts meet in New York City for the Greater and Greener International Urban Parks Conference. Among the issues highlighted on Monday were recycling of rainwater and reclaiming former landfills and brownfields as park spaces.

"During his panel presentation, Mr. McKinney highlighted a few guidelines for building sustainable parks presented by the Design Trust for Public Space, a nonprofit based in the city. He said that sustainable modern parks should try to keep the soil in which trees are planted aerated and stratified, for example, so that it supports a natural ecosystem of grubs and bacteria.

"The conference, held at New York University, began on Saturday with tours of green spaces around the city and ends on Tuesday evening with a reception hosted by Mayor Bloomberg."

The Hill
Link: GOP Leaders Slam the Door on Carbon Taxes
"Capitol Hill's most powerful Republicans say advocates who have been discussing a carbon tax behind closed doors are wasting their breath.

A draft of the agenda prepared for last week's meeting included representatives and scholars with groups such as the Union of Concerned Scientists, AEI, Public Citizen, the free-market group R Street, the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, ConservAmerica - formerly Republicans for Environmental Protection - Taxpayers for Common Sense and others."

Autoblog Green
Link: New Biofuel Process Dramatically Improves Energy Recovery
"Michigan State University scientists have found a biofuel production method that the institution says boosts energy from the production process by a factor of 20.

"The merits of boosting ethanol production as a way to cut foreign-oil dependence have long been debated by scientists, ecologists and anyone else willing to join the fray. Advocates say more ethanol production cuts gas prices, while others have criticized government subsidies that until last year were given to ethanol producers and have expressed concern over the environmental effects of producing corn-based fuel. Whatever side of the debate you're on in that fight, it's hard to argue with a more efficient process, especially one that's 20 times better. Wait, 20 times better? Yup, we just double-checked. 20 times better."

Link: Helix Energy Announced Oil Discovery in Gulf of Mexico
"Houston-based Helix Energy (HLX) said it discovered oil at an offshore project off the coast of Galveston, officials said.
The Danny II found oil in the Garden Bank block 506, approximately 145 miles off the shores of Galveston, on Monday, the company said in a press release. The well found oil after drilling more than 14,000 feet in water depths of 2,800 feet, officials said."
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