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Consumer News: Lukoil Stations Raise Gas to $8 in New Jersey and Pennsylvania


Plus, is Apple ripping you off with its new adapter?

Link: Some Lukoil Stations In NJ, PA, Raising Prices to More Than $8 a Gallon in Protest
"More than 50 independent Lukoil (LUKOY) gas station owners are raising prices to more than $8 a gallon for 24 hours to protest what they call unjustified pricing policies by the company.

"Some franchise owners claim they are being gouged by the company, saying they are forced to pay anywhere from $.05 to $.20 more per gallon than their competitors - higher prices they are then forced to pass on to customers."

Link: Nice Phone, Apple, But What's the Deal With the $29 Lightning to 30-Pin Adapter?
"Chances are you have a few iPhone or iPod chargers and cables in your house right now and maybe even a speaker dock or alarm clock that lets you plug in your iPhone. In one fell swoop, Apple (AAPL) made these obsolete when it launched its new Lightning connector on Wednesday. In typical Apple fashion, the company didn't just replace its old proprietary connector it introduced in 2003 with a standards-compliant one. Instead, it went with its own design. The Lightning connector is significantly smaller than the old 30-pin connector, but the one feature that Apple really seemed to feel the need to stress is that it's "reversible" (because plugging in the old connector was always so hard)."

Link: Microsoft Ballmer Drops Clues on Surface Pricing and What's Ahead.
"Since Microsoft (MSFT) debuted its new Surface tablet in June, the tech world has been buzzing about the possible price of the new device, with much debate centering on rumored $199 price tag.

"But in an interview with The Seattle Times, CEO Steve Ballmer hinted that, with its new tablet, Microsoft is aiming to compete on features more than price. Ballmer said the 'sweet spot' would be between '$300 to about $700 or $800.'"

Link: Apple Fans Are Already Camping Out for the iPhone 5 (but It's Not Just for an iPhone)
"With less week until the new iPhone 5 hits retail shelves, people are already lining up outside at least one Apple Store.

"The line outside Apple's Fifth Avenue store in New York officially started eight days before the iPhone 5 launch date, reports Fortune's Philip Elmer-DeWitt, who interviewed some of the customers. The funny thing about this launch is the number of people with ulterior motives stretching beyond simply buying a shiny new iOS device."

Consumer Affairs
Link: No More Tax-Free Amazon Shopping for Californians
"The party's over, California. Amazon (AMZN) started charging sales tax on California purchases over the weekend and other retailers will be doing so as well. The exact amount of the tax ranges from 7.25% to 9.75%, depending on how much various cities and counties add on."
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