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Strange Business: Male Nail Polish a Growing Trend as Market Expands


Plus, would you be a walking billboard for the right price?

Source: The Frisky

Bloomberg Businessweek has made it official: Male nail polish is a real trend. Josh Epsley of Blakk Cosmetics, featured in a current Bloomberg story, has recently expanded the company's target market from mixed-martial artists, artists, and gay men to all men who just want to show a "little flair." When Epsely first launched Alpha Nail in 2009, the website originally featured images of bloody, dirty fingers and offered color options like cocaine and gasoline. Those images and colors are still a part of the site, but some more toned-down images are also featured, along with links to the myriad fashion and culture publications that have written about the product. Blakk Cosmetics sells about 400 color pens a month.

Makeup artist Marco Berardini also started his own line of men's beauty products called EvolutionMan. Last July, NBA Basketball player Dwyane Wade published a picture of himself on Instagram (NASDAQ:FB) sporting EvolutionMan polish on his toenails.

Walking Advertisements

How much compensation would you request to have advertisements placed on your thighs? Well 1,300 women in Japan have decided that between $13 and $128 per day works for them. The Japanese firm Zettai Ryouiki, which translates to "Absolute Territory," pays women to model advertisements in the form of temporary stickers on their thighs for at least eight hours at a time. The company's name refers to the popular theme in anime cartoons and manga comics of the bare skin showing between the hem of a girl's short skirt and the top of her knee-high socks or thigh-high socks.

These walking billboards must be over age 18 and be connected to at least 20 people on their social media sites. We googled "zettai ryouiki backlash," but sadly, didn't find anything.

Finding Safety in a Ball Crawl

A mother was terrified to discover that her two-year-old son ate part of a used condom when playing in the ball crawl at a McDonald's (NYSE:MCD) in Chicago, Illinois, recently. The mother sued McDonald's Corporation and McDonald's of Illinois for at least $50,000 in damages and compensation for medical treatment.

Erin Go Bragh

With St. Patrick's Day approaching, it's appropriate to mention that the popularity of Irish whiskey has surged 400% since 2002, according to the Distilled Spirits Council of the United States. Year-over-year, sales have increased 22.5%.

Businesses have expanded to quench demand for the Irish spirits. Beam (NYSE:BEAM), the global producer of distilled spirits, acquired Ireland's Cooley Distillery for $95 million in 2011, promoting the Kilbeggan brand. Tullamore Dew plans to launch a new $45 million production facility by 2014.

Most Innovative Pizzas

Innovation is important for many businesses, but can you really be innovative with pizza? Some people think so.

MarketShare conducted a survey to see if participants found some pizza brands more innovative, original, and novel than others for such an inelastic product. Domino's (NYSE:DPZ) took the crown followed by Pizza Hut (NYSE:YUM). After that, Noble Roman's (OTC:NROM), Papa John's (NASDAQ:PZZA), Sbarro, Little Ceasars, Godfather's Pizza, and Chuck E. Cheese ranked in this order.

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