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Strange Business: McDonald's Has the Best Bad Coffee in the Business


Plus, playing the Wii may make you a better laparoscopic surgeon.

The Best Bad Coffee

Although McDonald's (NYSE:MCD) is known for its unhealthy food -- an image perpetuated by media campaigns and movies such as Super Size Me -- the fast food giant is trying to move in a healthier direction. Early this year, the McBaguette received tempered praise from a French chef in Paris, and now three coffee connoisseurs interviewed by Bloomberg's Businessweek have bestowed upon the fast food chain the distinction of the best tasting coffee among other major fast food restaurants. What was the McCafe's grade? It received a B, but it's better than the C received by Burger King's (NYSE:BKW) coffee, or the D+ received by Wendy's (NASDAQ:WEN) Redhead Roasters.

Doctors Wanting to Improve Their Surgery Performance Can Try the Wii

The "Play to Become a Surgeon" study of 42 postgraduate residents in general, vascular, and endoscopic surgery tested the effectiveness of using the Nintendo (PINK:NTDOY) Wii for practicing laparoscopic surgery. A control group and experimental group both practiced on a laparoscopic simulator and then used the simulator again after four weeks of practice. The results found that both groups improved significantly from the first to second session, but the Wii trainees showed a larger improvement from the control group in 13 of the 16 tested performance metrics. Maybe video games will become a common sight at medical schools.

Expanding Waistlines, Shrinking Food Bills

Even though the US has become the standard bearer for obesity, US households spend less on food than they did in 1984. In 2011, US households spent only 11.2% of their income on food compared to 16.8% in 1984. US households also spend less of their incomes on food than any other country in the world. This chart from Bloomberg provides a breakdown of the prices of different food groups.

Why You Should Apologize When Filing for Bankruptcy

Two University of Illinois law professors conducted a study on the impact of apologizing to federal bankruptcy judges. Jennifer K. Robbennolt and Robert M. Lawless presented the facts to different federal judges, and some cases included an apology while others omitted one. The contrite individuals saw a higher acceptance rate of their repayment plans from the men and women on the bench.

Has Debt Owned by Young Adults Decreased?

Believe it or not, young adults have managed to keep debt loads relatively low, at least through 2010, despite the skyrocketing amount of student debt. The typical young adult US household (defined as being led by someone under the age of 35) had $15,000 in debt in 2010 compared to $18,000 in 2001. The 2010 figure marks the lowest amount since 1995. Of young adults, 22% had no credit card debt at all, the lowest since the government began tracking the debt numbers in 1983.

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