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Strange Business: Would You Pay More for a Designer RV?


Plus: France still lacks hardworking workers -- who actually work.

Pimp My RV
Source: Airstream

RVs, specifically trailers with posh interiors, have made a comeback after sales dropped due to the recent recession. Companies like Airstream have hired interior designers from other industries to give vacation trailers a modern look. Mauro Micheli, the designer of multi-million dollar super yachts, designed the 28-foot, luxurious "Land Yacht" trailer, which Airstream showcased at the end of last year. The RV producer also hired industrial engineer and architect Christopher C. Dream, who has worked with Herman Miller (NASDAQ:MLHR), Design Within Reach (PINK:DWRI), and Target (NYSE:TGT).

French Leisurely Lifestyle Stereotype Reaffirmed

The American CEO of Titan International (NYSE:TWI) reiterated the stereotype of French workers in a scathing letter to the French industry minister. The business daily Les Echos publicized the letter in which Maurice "Morry" Taylor told the French minister Arnaud Montebourg that he was not interested in buying a French tire producing plant because as Taylor says, "The French workforce gets paid high wages but works only three hours. They get one hour for breaks and lunch, talk for three, and work for three." Instead, Taylor said the company will look to buy tire producing companies in China or India.

To drive the point home, Taylor told Montebourg, "Keep your so-called workers."

The US Government Can't Even Manage Nickels and Pennies

As the US federal government displays its incompetency in finance, it should come as no surprise that the costs of minting nickels and pennies still exceed the face value of the coins. According to the US Mint's annual report released last month, in 2012, a penny cost $0.02 to produce and a nickel cost more than $0.10 to produce. Costs for minting these coins have doubled over the past seven years, leaving US taxpayers with a $436 million loss.

Want to Get Google Glasses Before Everyone Else?

(NASDAQ:GOOG) has given individuals the chance to get their hands on a Google Glass unit early. By submitting on Google+ or Twitter what potential owners would do with Google Glass in 50 words or less after the hashtag #ifihadglass, they could receive the new product. Oh, and the winners will need to pay $1,500 for the device, plus cover the travel expenses when they pick up the glasses in New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.

Goldman Sachs Sets Sail

Goldman Sachs
(NYSE:GS) finally began operating its two ferry boats, York and Jersey, between Lower Manhattan and Jersey City after the 72-foot catamarans sat idle on the Hudson River for two years. Originally, Goldman wished to expedite transportation between its headquarters in Battery Park City and its office tower in Jersey City. However, the boats built to Wall Street standards land at a public pier near the World Financial Center, requiring that Goldman allows public access to the ferries.

The official reason for the delay of their usage has not been revealed, and Paul Goodman, the president of BilleyBey Ferry Company, which operates the boats, would not comment on the delay as Goldman wishes to keep the reason secret.

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