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Zuckerberg Stalker Who Was "Ready to Die" for the CEO Now Apologizes

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Yesterday news broke that Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg had obtained a restraining order against Pradeep Manukonda, 31, a fan of the billionaire CEO who says he needed the computer wizard's money and advice.

Manukonda reportedly wrote the following message to the CEO on his Facebook page:

“Please mark (sic) … time is really running out for me … please help me. I really need your help … please respond in time before it’s too late for us … I owe my entire life at your service … please help me, then i am ready to die for you.”

The alleged stalker is said to have followed Zuckerberg in recent days: he apparently showed up at the CEO's home, and has tried tracking down Zuckerberg at several Facebook offices. Manukonda has even sent his idol flowers and a hand-written letter. His request? That Zuckerberg help him out by giving money to his cash-strapped family. 

In response, Zuckerberg requested a restraining order that bars Manukonda from getting within 300 yards of Zuckerberg, his sister, Randi, and his girlfriend, Priscilla Chan. 

Today a celebrity newsite is reporting that Manukonda has issued an apology for his behavior which he blamed on stress over a personal situation. "I'm a peaceful guy ... I'm sorry he thought I was trying to harm him," Manukonda told TMZ. "I understand he's a busy man ... I'll respect his privacy."

The site ran the apology along with a photo:

The events have led some columnists to wonder whether Gawker, the New York-based gossip and news site, may have contributed to Zuckerberg's problems. Earlier in the month Gawker published photos of Zuckerberg's new home as part of an ongoing series aimed at "turning the tables" on Zuckerberg and his concept of privacy.

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