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You're Gonna Want This Girl Scout Cookie App

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Very shrewd of the Girl Scouts, timing their cookie sale right around when folks have abandoned their New Years Resolutions to get thin.

Every year, those pint-sized peddlers offer up some of the most insatiably delectable treats like tiny street pushers. And we, defenseless to the sleeves of pure happiness and suppression, gobble them up without regard to diets, nutritional value, more turpitude, personal relationships, employment, etc.

Fortunately, we have the excuse, "Hey, it's for a good cause!"

But at the risk of further enabling the Thin Mint junkies, there's now a Girl Scout Cookie Locator app -- now for your crumb-covered iPhone and Android.

Backed by Kellogg, the app finds distributors near a given zip code or, using your phone's GPS, finds a seller near your current location. Methadone addicts don't have it this good.

Unfortunately, fate's a cruel mistress, as the app limits sellers to specific locations, namely Atlanta, Colorado, Dallas, Greater Chicago and Northwest Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Minnesota, Northern California, Northern Illinois, Northern New Jersey, Ohio, Oklahoma, West Central Florida, Oregon & Southwest Washington, San Diego, Southwest Texas and Washington, D.C.

Folks in Montana and the Dakotas, you may commence with your manifestos now.

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