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Your iPhone Can Now Buy Starbucks Coffee

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Anyone who has ever worked retail in the last decade is acutely aware of the problem. There you are, trying to ring up a customer while said customer is on a cellphone, blabbing away about what Gina said about Tommy the night that Melissa drove her pick-up truck into Carl’s lawn or what-have-you.

A lot of small retail shops, namely coffee or food joints, have addressed this problem by hanging up cheeky signs that remind customers that it’s impolite to talk on the phone while ordering.

Well, sorry baristas, but the phones have won.

Computerworld reports that Starbucks has officially launched a program that will let customers use their iPhones, iPod touches, and Blackberries to pay for the double tall nonfat sugar-free hazelnut mochas.

All you have to do is hold up your device to the register and it’s automatically linked to your Starbucks card, which, in turn, is “backed” by your credit card.

Computerworld reports that “some reports said the rollout will be to 6,800 company-owned Starbucks in the U.S., but the Starbucks Web site puts the number at more than 7,500 of its stores in the U.S., including Target stores.”

No word yet on when Android phones will be able to order from Starbucks, but you'll know soon enough the next time you're in line for coffee and the person in front of you, who is blabbing on and on about how Freddy's party totally sucked but that you were glad to hear that Gary's kids got into Yale suddenly rips their phone from their ear and shoves it in front of a register laser beam and you wonder to yourself "Dear God, what have we become?!?!?!"
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