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You Checked Your Work Email Yesterday, Didn't You?

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So, how was your holiday? Good? Feast on some nice white meat and candied yams?

How's the family doing? Uncle Ned still doing that Charlie Callas impression? What'd you say when he asked how much you made?

And let me guess, you checked your work email, didn't you? Hey, I don't blame ya, sometimes you need a break from the family. But what's the point of pulling out your iPhone, Droid, or BlackBerry only to find that you have emails to be read, work to be done, and ulcers to inflame on a day off?

According to a study by Microsoft Office add-in designers Xobni, the majority of people will check their work emails over holiday breaks. Further proving Uncle Ned's old axiom "I need a vacation from my vacation," nearly 60% of employees will check their work inboxes on a holiday and, whether or not they look, roughly eight out of ten people are sent work-related emails over the break.

Xobni's press release elaborates on the numbers:

The onslaught of work is leading to growing contempt by American workers with 41 percent of those that ever received work emails from a co-worker/client while they had time off for the holidays saying they are either annoyed, frustrated or resentful after receiving these emails. Younger adults have the strongest opinion on the matter with 56 percent ages 18-34 sharing they have the above reactions compared to just 39 percent of adults ages 35-44 and 30 percent ages 45-54. The survey also found that 12 percent of respondents actually "dread" seeing work emails populate their inbox and 10 percent even feel pity for those who do send work-related emails on holidays.

But, given Ned's propensity to burst into song after his fourth glass of Yellow Tail, 19% are "thankful" to have their work email as a distraction from the family gathering.

Just don't mention that during grace.
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