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Yoga Not Relaxing Enough? Pot Not Relaxing Enough? Try Ganja Yoga

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A six billion dollar industry in the United States alone, yoga has become big business.

There's vinyasa yoga, ashtanga yoga, and now, ganja yoga.

Dee Dussault, who runs "cannabis-enhanced yoga" classes in Toronto says, "When you’re high, you can focus better on your breath."

She also maintains that toking before posing can help people become more "uninhibited and open to the idea of the heart chakra, for example.”

Dussault's 90-minute classes cost only $15, still a bargain even though participants must bring their own weed--and there's only one rule: no dealing or mooching. Dussault also meets with students before each session gets underway "“to determine if they want to come just to get stoned.”

But wait, Dee--if you have to bring your own pot in the first place, why wouldn't you just smoke at home where you can sit in front of the TV and not have to bother with all the exertion and everything? Why would you leave the house and pay 15 bucks on top of what you already paid for your stash?

Look, no one ever said stoned yoga instructors had to make sense. They're stoned yoga instructors, for god's sake.
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