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Yep, Dov Charney Is Still Unbalanced

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Last week, the Village Voice's Rosie Gray wrote in support of American Apparel. Defending its choice to provide its factory workers fair wages and health benefits -- as well as its more-common-than-you-think employee dress code -- Gray did, however, refer to outlandish founder Dov Charney as "creepy" and "one sleazy dude." In her defense, Charney -- who's been embroiled in sexual harassment allegations for propositioning his employees and referring to women as... let's just say in a derogatory manner -- often comes off as sleazy in his explanations.

To wit, Charney's recent call to Gray in response to the article.

Soon after praising the Village Voice piece as "an intelligent assessment" in comparison to Gawker's coverage, Charney regressed to his default loony state and attacked Gray with a barrage of rambling epithets. When asked about the validity to the sexual harassment allegations, Charney spewed:

"Absolutely not. You're a fool to think that. You and Gawker are part of an ongoing campaign of self-interest. Gawker wants people to read their posts. Go look at yourself in the mirror. It's cheap journalism. It wouldn't be as exciting if this was a story about Zales. There's a catharsis you should all go through. This is a fake crusade, an entire media campaign since 2005 initiated by an attorney who wanted money. No one has the balls to remove him from the system. It's one fake case after the next.

There's a high level of intelligence behind the business. We're marketing well and hiring people who know how to speak to the essence of the brand -- or at least we're making efforts to. Could Larry King show up to his job with a septum ring? We're trying to cast the right people for the store. We have room for a lot of exception and variety. That's somehow unethical? We regulate the taste in our store. Gawker's coverage of the issue has not done justice to the social issues at hand. The media has choices."

Before Gray could request clarification on the Larry King remark, Charney added:

"You're a creep! It's false testimony. There's no credibility to that statement -- I don't feel that I'm a creep. You can't defend it. Neither can Gawker. It's not good for society. Martin Luther King was having affairs, but his work was too important so the media didn't bring it up. They're deploying sexual shame tactics -- it dehumanizes the subject. Ideas are more important. I accuse you of being a creep. A large number of the plaintiffs stole from the company, or we had valid reason to want to remove them. If I'm a creep, they're creeps. Provocative ad campaigns make sense. Who cares?"

Well that certainly makes sen-... Wait. What?

For more incoherent ravings of a lunatic, check out Gray's piece.
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