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Wow, This Fish Sandwich Feels Greeeaaaaat...

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According to, Woody Duclos was arrested in February after one woman got sick from eating a sandwich from Burger King (BKC) on Philips Highway near the Avenues Mall.

Another man said he found a blue pill in his burger at the same restaurant.

Police said the pill was the painkiller hydrocodone (what we refer to as "Vicodin" around the 'Ville--no generics for us high-rollers.)

Duclos and another Burger King employee accused of selling him the pills were each fired.

A few questions immediately spring to mind:

1) Instead of turning Duclos in, why in God's name didn't said customers march right back up to the counter and promptly order 20 or 30 more of the same?

2) It's not like Vicodin is dangerous or anything, like, say, a lethal McDonald's (MCD) Shrek glass.

3) Speaking of Gary Coleman, does this story remind anyone else of that Diff'rent Strokes episode with the Nancy Reagan cameo? C'mon, you know you remember it. No, not the one when Arnold dressed up like Mr. T.

This one:

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