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World's Worst Pizza Combines KFC, McDonald's, Wendy's, Taco Bell, Human Misery

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In a land where burgers are breakfast, milkshakes are health shakes, and This Is Why You're Fat lands a book deal, two men set out to create the World's Worst Pizza by combining the fattiest, most salt-infused disasters offered from multinational fast food chains.

Featured in a Consumerist post, a YouTube clip chronicles the process. The ingredients include:

A large cheese pizza for a base
A&W Teen Burger
McDonald's Chicken McNuggets
McDonald's Big Mac
KFC Popcorn Chicken
Wendy's Baconator with Fries
Taco Bell Crunch Wrap Supreme
and A&W Onion Rings (described in the video as "probably the most underrated fast food item out there")

With the contents combined and heated in the oven, the assemblage is a mass of grease, ground beef, and processed cheese -- weighing in at 5,210 calories and 286 grams of fat. But the creators -- in between televised UFC bouts, from the looks of them -- go the extra step and actually consume the heart-stopping mutant. For the sake of science, assumingly.

Note: Don't watch after a big meal.

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