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Woman Quits by Outing Boss' Farmville Addiction

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Well, it's not quite pulling a JetBlue aircraft's emergency exit chute, a woman named Jenny nevertheless left her job in a blaze of glory.

The Chive received a series of photos from one of Jenny's coworkers. She had emailed the entire office pictures of her holding a dry erase board emblazoned with the words and snark of a woman who's had enough. Punctuated with spot-on facial expressions, she announced her resignation, her sadness for leaving her friends, and detailed reasons why she couldn't bear to spend another day working for her boss, Spencer.

Aside from her boss' temper and bad breath, Jenny wrote that she heard him call her a "HOPA" -- his way of saying "hot piece of ass" -- and revealed that, rather than working, he logged nearly 20 hours a week playing Zynga's popular Facebook game FarmVille.

Though Jenny wrote she has no other job prospects, after a quick costume change into a white tank top and cutoffs, she believes her future will be just fine.

Even if this chalks up to be a funny publicity stunt, we'll agree with that.
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