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Winners in Borders Bankruptcy: Apple, Google, and Amazon

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Pulp fanatics, another one of your sanctuaries has fallen.

Borders Group has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. The company plans on shuttering 200 locations -- roughly 30% of its existing 642 stores -- by this April.

With Barnes and Noble left as the only brick-and-mortar bookseller posting adequate competition to digital outlets like Amazon, Apple, and Google, this could mean a big boost in profits to e-book sellers.

Considering Borders' roughly $2 billion in sales for the year ending in January, Forbes speculates what closing the poorest-performing stores could potentially mean to digital retailers.

"As a back of the envelope calculation, if we estimate that these stores accounted for only about 20% of sales for Borders, this suggests about $400 million of revenue that is up for grabs amongst brick-and-mortar book / DVD / magazine resellers as well as online players like Amazon."

Also, with fewer physical shops left as an option for readers, publishers may follow the crowd and push business into the hands of Apple and Google -- both of which are heavily focused on their digital bookstores and their implementation into smartphones and tablets.

Although pulp isn't dead by a long shot, e-ink and backlit LED screens will continue to gain their share of eyeballs searching for a good story.

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