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Winner of the Most Incongruent Financial Headline of 2011

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This week seems to be testing everyone's sensitivity.

As Japan endures a series of tragedies, some folks who are out of harm's way are either making light of the subject or looking at it through a myopic lens. Once the quake hit, "Godzilla" began trending on Twitter. Gilbert Gottfried, 50 Cent, and a Family Guy writer offended many with their ill-timed quips. Some analysts are looking at the financial repercussions rather than the loss of life and home. And Microsoft Bing tried to turn charitable donations into linkbait.

So maybe while everyone else tried to mind their tact in regards to Japan, their guard is down on other current affairs.

It's the only explanation I have for this.

Everyone, I give you the Wall Street Journal, winner of the Most Incongruent Financial Headline of 2011.

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