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Windows Phone 7 Apps Cheaper Than iPhone, Android Apps

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After allowing its Windows Mobile devices to languish in obscurity and inoperability, Microsoft had devoted much time, effort, and money into revamping its smartphone line with Windows Phone 7. Reviews so far have been solid, not glowing, but it appears that Redmond is capable of making some strides in the smartphone arena in the near future.

And that future may be expedited once consumers notice that apps are priced much cheaper in the WP7 market than any other major competitor. The apps designed for Apple, Google, BlackBerry, Nokia, and Palm are all, on average, more expensive than WP7.

According to a report by the analytics firm Distimo, the average price for a WP7 app is $1.95 with 57% of its its top 100 apps priced below $2.00. This is a major shift from Windows Mobile apps which were, on average, far and away more expensive than any other competitor's.

ReadWriteWeb notes another interesting factor in Distimo's report. Aside from Windows Mobile, the top 100 paid applications found in the Android Market are priced higher than on the iPhone. But taking its entire paid app line into account, it still falls short than the average paid iPhone app price. Considering that Android users are less likely to pay for apps but more likely to click on ads, this makes for a very interesting balance.

Here are two graphs which crunch Distimo's numbers, courtesy of ReadWriteWeb:

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