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Will Turtle Meat Prices Hold Steady in 2011?

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Right around this time last year, Calicia Burke, marketing manager of Boatswain’s Beach/Cayman Turtle Farm, told Cayman 27 News:

“As it is typical commercial practice for fluctuations in supply and demand for meat products and similar commodities, the selling price for turtle products will of course be subject to future adjustments.”

Boy, she wasn't kidding. The price of turtle tripled, virtually overnight.

Turtle stew rose from CI$5.40/lb to CI$16.00/lb.

Turtle steak rose from CI$9.00/lb to CI$

Turtle menavelin (whatever that is) rose from CI$4.00/lb to CI$

And turtle bone (ostensibly for making soup?) rose from CI$2.00/lb to CI$6.00/lb.

Fingers crossed, 2011 will be safe from such price shocks in the turtle meat market. In the meantime, let's take a look back at that fateful day last February, when the turtle pits at the CBOT were positively rocked by this news:

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