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Will the End of Daylight Savings Be the Start of a Good Season for TV Networks?

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NPR reports that, when we turn our clocks back an hour this Sunday, it could mark the beginning of a successful season for the television networks.

Bill Gorman of the website says that viewership fell about 10% the Monday evening after Daylight Savings began last spring, as people enjoyed the extra sun before heading indoors.

If the reverse holds true, the networks are about to enter an extended period of higher ratings.

Gorman says, “TV networks would like for it to be dark as soon as you left the office and headed home for the night."

He also says they'd like for it to start raining or snowing on top of that.

Perhaps Sumner Redstone or Les Moonves can reach out to Lloyd Blankfein, who has, we're assuming, a direct line to god from his office. Y'know, in order to ensure god is pleased with the work Goldman is doing for him. And now, to ask for inclement weather so he can help out his buddies.

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