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Why Your Boss Hates You

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I was just in a meeting here at The Daily Feed -- something about posting incorrect image sizes in the little box to the left so they get all stretched and look bad, but who cares! -- and as I was kicked back at the conference table, shirtless, with my feet propped up and fidgeting wildly, I came across this article on my BlackberryTM smart phone about how to present better body image during business meetings.

As it turns out, I'm doing this meeting thing totally wrong! And if any of your co-workers actually like you, I'd guess that you are too.


"THE W’s OF SEAT SELECTION – Where you sit in the meeting room says a lot about you. At a standard conference table, unless you are a presenter or a leader of the proceedings, do not sit at one of the ends. Be conscious of who you sit next to. Do not select a screw off as a neighbor, for you will be associated with them by proximity. Also, try not to sit next to your friends. The temptation to talk with them and over the presenter will be avoided if you choose a seat away from them."

So, in other words, do not sit next to me. And for god's sake, don't sit next to any of your friends; screw those guys!

But seriously, there are some pretty good body language tips here that you may find useful in understanding why your co-worker is so much better-liked than you are by your boss. Now, back to shirtless office slouching and fidgeting.
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