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Why Work When You Can Eat Broken Glass And Collect Insurance Payouts Instead?

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Mary Evano of Massachusetts (you guys can keep her, by the way) pleaded guilty yesterday to charges that she and her husband Ronald (you guys can keep him, too) intentionally ate glass particles, then submitted false insurance claims.

While Ronald pleaded guilty in 2007 and was sentenced to five years in prison--where he ostensibly will not have access to glass, as it can be used as a weapon, or a snack, in his case--it took Mary a bit longer to own up to her glass-eating shenanigans.

The couple collected more than $200,000 in fraudulent compensation by falsely claiming they had been injured by restaurants, hotels and grocery stores that served them food containing glass.

Prosecutors say they ran up more than $100,000 in medical bills, which remain unpaid.

Call me crazy, but wouldn't it be easier just to take the finger your husband lopped off in an industrial accident, cook it, then go to Wendy's and claim you found it in your chili?
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