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Why wasn't Citigroup's Pandit at the FCIC meeting?

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A few theories from The Deal: he wasn't invited, he wasn't at the helm when the problems arose, and he's working with the government to shake-up his management. Surely Bank of America's Brian Moynihan could have been excused, then, after only 12 days on the job?

Or maybe it's just that they have other plans for him:

"Even though Pandit repaid $20 billion in government aid, Citi is expected to report a loss of  $5.04 billion when earnings are issued. Personnel whose positions will be questioned will even include Pandit, along with Don Callahan and Lewis Kaden, who advise Pandit. Even if changes are not announced on Jan. 19, another opportunity will come shortly after when there are likely to be some meetings with regulators."
SOURCE:   Dealscape