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Which Company Has the Best Customer Service?

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As faceless megacorporations grow in size and locations, Americans are increasingly faced with a dearth of adequate customer service. Between the eye rolls, exasperated sighs, and the interminable lengths we are put on hold, a healthy dose of sympathy and professionalism is in dire need.

However, some companies still put the customer first, and a recent survey conducted by BIGresearch proves that. In the sixth annual NRF Foundation/American Express Customers' Choice survey, took top honors for the best customer service.

"In a time when many retailers are competing on price, customer service becomes an outstanding way to stand out in the eyes of the consumer," NRF Foundation Executive Director Kathy Mance said in a press release. "These retailers have done a great job of distinguishing themselves from their competition."

Companies like Zappos, Amazon, and QVC have consistently ranked high in customer service surveys, but some perennial favorites didn't even make the top 20. Apple, for example, placed 23rd -- behind such curious choices as Best Buy and Target. T-Mobile ranked highest among domestic mobile carriers, but AT&T -- defying the recent Consumer Reports study -- made the list at number 30, beating Verizon by nine places.

Here's the list of winners.

1. Zappos
2. Amazon
3. LL Bean
5. Lands' End
6. JC Penney
7. Kohl's
8. QVC
9. Nordstrom
10. Newegg
11. Cabela's
12. Sears
13. Best Buy
14. Avon
15. ACE Hardware
16. HSN
17. IKEA
18. T-Mobile
19. Macy's
20. Victoria's Secret
21. Target
22. Fred Meyer
23. Apple
24. Trader Joe's
25. Old Navy
26. Gap
27. Walmart
28. Kmart
29. Dillard's
30. AT&T Wireless
31. Publix
32. Bed Bath & Beyond
33. Lowe's
34. Menards
35. Albertsons
36. Home Depot
37. Staples
38. Meijer
39. Verizon
40. Costco
41. Whole Foods
42. Kroger
43. CVS
44. Safeway
45. Walgreens
46. Sam's Club

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