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Which Beer Best Describes Your Home State?

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It being Friday around 10 AM, it’s high time we all stop reading about inflation-this, Egypt-that, IPO-this, and blabbidy blabbidy blah. Instead, let’s see what’s going on in the world of beer.

And there’s plenty to talk about.

First up, sales of beer in Germany fell 1.7 percent last year, continuing a downward trend for this beer-loving nation. Germany produced a mere 2.6 billion gallons of beer in 2010, of which 84.8 percent was sold domestically. The Independent reports that beer consumption has been steadily falling in Germany since 2000.  This is a pretty good indication that 2012 will, in fact,  usher in the apocalypse.

Meanwhile in Japan, a nation that’s also seen a steady decrease in beer consumption, a team of scientists for Kirin have come up with what they hope to be the latest craze: alcohol-free beer. As the Wall Street Journal reports, this is actually different from “nonalcoholic” beer, which according to the ATF can include up to 0.5% alcohol by volume.

Kirin Free, as it’s called, will be test marketed at 1,000 restaurants on the West Coast beginning in March. At first glance, this sounds likes a positively awful idea, but the statistics may prove otherwise: in 2010, Japan’s alcohol free beer market nearly doubled. So, you never know. do. 

Stateside, some interesting news from Walgreens. The Chicago Tribune reports that the drugstore has “quietly rolled out” its own private-label brew, Big Flats 1901, at over 4,600 locations. We can’t imagine that Walgreens beer is particularly good, but we are impressed by the price: a mere 50 cents per can.

And last but not least, the Houston Press published a very, very interesting map called The United States of Beer, showing which beer best represents any given state. By the looks of it, it’s pretty damn accurate. Having grown up in PA, I enthusiastically agree with its selection of Yuengling. Currently residing in Brooklyn, I heartily endorse its selection of, well, Brooklyn. On a recent trip to Michigan I was privileged to visit the Bell’s Brewery bar in Kalamazoo, and it was quite delicious, so good pick there. College in Boston, so duh, Sam Adams makes sense. And last but not least, after throwing back 8 cans of Four Loko in Vegas, blacking out, and waking up at a roulette table where I was up $25,000 before some woman claiming to be my wife bet it all on the number 23, I’m going to have to concur that Four Loko most definitely is the “beer” of choice in Nevada, although it's not always the best idea.

The full map is below. So there you have it, all the beer news you’d want on a Friday morning. Now go enjoy all that other “news.”


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