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HOT TAGS: Helps Prevent Sausage Fests

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Women. They're mysterious, complicated, mercurial creatures. Also, they're elusive, rarely to be seen. Their skittish reflexes allow them to quickly scamper behind corners when seen and their photosensitive exterior can mimic the pattern of any surrounding. Legend says that if you manage to interact with a woman, she has to reveal the location of her cache of gold.

As difficult as it is to find women on your own, the men behind plan to assist you in your search.

Danny Trinh and Jeff Hodsdon created as a goof, but the humorous concept shows promise. The web app scours Foursquare check-ins for female names, measures which locations have the highest female number, and ranks the spots accordingly. Above the listings, a Google Maps image shows the lady-heavy locations in your vicinity. Currently, the app only measures San Francisco hot spots, but according to TechCrunch, will soon expand to New York, LA, and Minneapolis.

And if you're tracking women while on the go, will soon be featured in a minimalistic iPhone app which is broken down to a location name, the number of women, and an easy to read compass pointing you in the right direction.

But from there, you're on your own. Word of advice: Don't mention how you found the place.
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